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Saturday, November 04, 2006

It Just Keeps Getting Worse
Two great articles by the NYT and Washington Post about consumer-directed health-care plans, the newest type of Health care plans to be offered to Americans, basically under consumer-directed health-care plans you have a very high deductible, sometimes thousands of dollars , but you also have much lower premiums then you would of under traditional Health Care plans, the idea being according to the Post "giving consumers a financial incentive to shop around for the best care at a reasonable price -- and to get only the care they need". So far only between 3-6million Americans are covered under such plans, but as Health care costs for both employers and individuals continue to rise that number could skyrocket, and with deductibles that high how much needed and preventative care would Americans choose to forgo?

NYT "Rolling the Health Dice"
Washington Post "Health Plans Raise Concerns"

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