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Monday, November 13, 2006

Um....Well, We Learned To Trust The Germans Again
Piece in LA Times about the health insurance industry coming to the aid of the 46.6 million Americans who lack health insurance. I imagine these gestures are genuine, after all they are losing out on 46 million premiums, not to mention the bad press lately, plus with the Democratic sweep and all, I guess they figured the bell was tolling for them. Basically the plan is vague but the insurance companies want to provide health care to everyone within ten years through a mixture of increased federal programs and tax breaks for people to buy their own coverage. Sounds okay, anything is better then what we've got now, and the sooner we start doing anything productive in health care the better, its only going to get worse, and I'm glad that we are moving forward and all, but kinda saddened that it's more the companies making the first move rather then my elected representatives, oh well, I guess the health insurance companies aren't all bad, after all the Germans killed millions, the insurance companies only kill roughly 18,000 people per year through lack of medical coverage.
LA Times "Hope for millions without health coverage"

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