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Sunday, December 03, 2006

People For And Against Free Trade/Globalization And Why

Libertarians: Hahaha I'm so rich ha ha ha

CEO's: With the increased profits ill be able to afford a bigger yacht!

Ogres/trolls: Just in general

NYT columnists: Because its not like his job is ever going anywhere, its not as if they are gonna say something like "I'm sorry Tom but we found this guy in Columbia that will write your column for a sack of rice"

Fat people: Lower tariffs means cheaper European chocolates.

Adam Smith: Invisible hand Bitches!

Economists: I mean it looks good on paper, and besides its not as if they can ever outsource my job to Vietnam. Survival of the fittest baby!

Ayn Rand: You ever read Atlas Shrugged?

Politicians/Elected Representatives : More corporate profits mean more kickbacks! Ching Ching!

People who have lots and lots of stock: Oink!

Idiots: Them: With free trade that TV at Best Buy is cheaper!
Me: Yeh, but since with free trade/globalization your working at a job that pays an average of 21% less and shouldering more of your health care costs you wont be able to afford it.
Them: But the TV will be cheaper, right?
Former Union Workers: You know Frank, this Wal-Mart shit doesn't seem to pay as much as the plant did, you know, before it closed and all.

Dad's: With disappearing borders, suddenly some real competition for that "World's Greatest Dad" title.

Pretty Much Every American : Hey, remember when we could afford rent AND food?

Cute Puppies: That's right, they hate free trade too.

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