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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Rights Of Man
Article from NYT about a huge walkout in Smithfield Packing Company's plant in NC, the most interesting thing is that the hundreds of workers who walked out were all non-union. The walkout was fueled by a number of issues, the recent firing of many illegal immigrant employees, poor working conditions, high injury rate, and what employees felt were the companies efforts to stop the workers from unionizing (see National Labor Relations Act of 1935). It is ridiculous what we let these big companies, trusts, and industries get away with in this country , when are more people going to realize that without a union they don't have a voice, that without a union the company has all the power and they have none, people need to realize that unions and the power of collective bargaining are not just important, they are necessary, all across Europe unions are strong, but in America people say they don't need them anymore, open your eyes, take a look around, we need unions more the ever.
NYT "Hundreds, All Nonunion, Walk Out at Pork Plant in N.C."

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