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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hard Times
Every year the USDA issues their report about peoples access to food in the U.S., and specifically how many are going hungry. The Washington Post just wrote an article on the report, and about two interesting things that can be found inside it, the first are the numbers "The USDA said that 12 percent of Americans -- 35 million people -- could not put food on the table at least part of last year. Eleven million of them reported going hungry at times...The number of hungriest Americans has risen over the past five years. Last year, the total share of food-insecure households stood at 11 percent.", the second is that every year that the USDA put out this report it used the term hunger for people who couldn't afford to buy or get food regularly, now those people are referred to as having "very low food security", same meaning, but the latter definitely sounds alot less harsh and bleak, but no name change can hide those numbers.
Washington Post "
Some Americans Lack Food, but USDA Won't Call Them Hungry"

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